Spotlight - Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee – Standing Committee

Committee Members: Rachael Cutcher (chair), Dorothy Battenfield, Katie Parrish, Freyja Pereira, Hakeem Sanusi, Kate McClintock, Kris Shear, Jim Ryan, Jerry Thao, Linda Close, Kasia Fortunati, Galen George

  • Doyle Trust Distributions resumed Fall 2012 and Doyle Scholarship Program return Fall 2013 with the Class of 2013 being offered 721 Doyle Scholarships at - $700 each.
  • Anonymous $6M endowed gift award program was developed.
  • Fall 2013 Doyle Scholarships were awarded, Doyle Fund balance was analyzed and 2014-15 Doyle Scholarship award level was increased to $1000.
  • The Class of 2014 was offered $873,000 in Doyle Scholarships.
  • Anonymous Gift programs launched with $175,000 in awards to students (Teaching Fellowships, Foster Youth Incentive Awards and Transferring Scholarships).
  • Chancellor’s Office Management Information Systems data for 13-14 shows that the SRJC Scholarship Programs is #1 in all California community colleges with $1,089,000 in Scholarship awards. We are the only school in the California Community College system with over $1M in scholarship awards. (Our total does not include transferring scholarships as these do not get recognized through MIS because these students don’t attend SRJC the year they receive their award…this would be another $350,000+ in awards)