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Participatory Governance Organization Chart

Chart updated on September 10, 2015. Next update will occur in September 2016.


College Council
Institutional Planning Council*

Program and Resource Planning Process (PRPP) Coordinating Committee

Educational Planning and Coordinating Council*

Majors and Certificates Review


Other Governance Bodies

Academic Senate

Petaluma Faculty Forum

All Faculty Association (AFA)
Classified Senate

Classified Leadership Team (Petaluma)

SEIU 1021 (Classified Employees)
Associated Students


Standing Committees

Academic Calendar/Registration

Arts & Lectures

Basic Skills

Curriculum Review

Day Under the Oaks

District Access

District Facilities Planning

District Online

District Safety and Health

District Tenure Review and Evaluations

Majors and Certificates Review Committee (Advisory to the Educational Planning & Coordinating Council)

Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory

Faculty Equivalency


Graduation Speaker

Institute for Environmental Education

PRPP Coordinating Committee (Sub-Committee of IPC)

Multicultural Events

Parking And Transportation

Professional Development

Professional Growth Increment

Project Learn Steering

Sabbatical Leave


study abroad


Textbook & Instructional Materials


President's Advisory Committees

Auxiliary Enterprise

Budget Advisory

College Board Of Review

Faculty Staffing

Institutional Technology Group

LGBTQ Campus Climate Committee

student Health Services Advisory

Student Success and Equity